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Impossible to use

We were considering a few options to have our 500+ employee company use to log their activity on an enterprise level. The personal logger showed some severe engineering and server flaws. Because of this, we chose another app solution.


When my wife and I first started using Everymove it was a fun app and you could get points toward something tangible. That feature went away and now it is just an app that tracks your fitness activities and it doesn’t always function well. As has been stated by others, when launching the app, I just end up at my home screen, as if no one is home with the app. Deleting the app is approaching for me.

If you like deleting and reinstalling apps...

Then this is the app for you. The app disappears anytime you launch it. If you tap on the app screen in your open apps, it disappears. The only fix is to delete the app and reinstall it. Emails to support have gone unanswered. It's almost as if the company has gone out of business or something. If my company didn't use this app for our wellness incentive, I would delete the app altogether. Let's talk about syncing data/devices now, shall we? Want to sync the health data from the health app on your iPhone with EveryMove? Don't bother, it doesn't work. Won't sync with other health sources. When you tap "sync" a message appears that it is syncing. When you look at your activity-nothing has updated. My only recommendation for those in the same boat as me-stuck with EveryMove because your employer uses it for their wellness program: don't bother with the app. At least their (EveryMove) website will actually let you add activities to your account so you can earn the wellness points you need. This app is DETRIMENTAL to mental wellness because of its lack of functionality and abundance of frustration.

Crashes immediately

New iPhone 8+, iOS 11.02. App crashes immediately.

100% Crash Rate

I have never once been able to open now. I have tried different build versions and always it crashes instantly. Customer support has never offered any suggestion beyond delete and reinstall the app.


Terrible app I have to keep on deleting and downloading consistently!! Not worth the stress..

Worst ever

After working a few weeks, now it consistently crashes after "loading" a couple seconds. The "solution," as suggested by support, is to delete and download the app. Every single day, apparently.


It won't sync my Apple health or my fitness pal. So I deleted it

You get nothing out of this.

Besides the app not working half the time, you used to be able to do something with the points you earned. The points don't do anything anymore, at all. I actually emailed then and asked them about the points, they said they were for challenging my friends and family or some nonsense. Challenge them to what? See who has the most worthless imaginary points? Not only does the app not function from a technical standpoint, it actually has no function to begin with. It's not even really an app, as that would imply it could be applied to something and have some use for some reason. This "app" doesn't do anything. At all. Don't bother.


Open and closes immediately. Useless

Crashes way too much

Crashes constantly after one second of opening

Worked great for a month

The new update is terrible. The app won't even open anymore. When it does open; it works great.


I used this app successfully for months and enjoyed it. Now it opens and then closes immediately for a couple of weeks. Bummer, because I really liked it before. Your team better do something about this! I rated it 3 stars considering it worked great before dying.


Don't waste your time app crashes every time I open it

Crashes. Requires reinstallation. Crashes again. Repeat

Crashes. Requires reinstallation. Crashes again. Repeat.

Fix the bugs!

App keeps closing after 2 seconds of opening. Have to delete and download app to get it to work for a little bit. Can only log via email - that's not convenient!


Won't let me open, the only way to see my steps/progress is to press and hold the app. So, I press and deleted. This app needs to be fix. Upgrade with the technology's.

Won't even open anymore after new update

Can't even use it! Won't open! Please update your software.


Can we please get an update??!! I'm tired of this app crashing every single time I open it!

Isn't working.

App keeps shutting down. I won't sync with health data and very frustrating.

Won't open

Had the app one week and I've had to delete and start over twice because it won't open.

Crashing on launch

Will not open. Just crashes.

Nothing but trouble

I downloaded this app expecting a great experience. Well I was wrong , I can't open it , it closes itself 2 seconds after trying to open it . I've deleted the app , the only way to see or log my day is to open an email . I don't have time to keep doing this . So it's gone for now , hopefully they'll fix it we shall see

No point

There's no point to this app since they took the prizes away

Crashing on Launch

Crashing on Launch, iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10.2

Unreliable to the point of costing actual money

To say I'm disappointed with both the app and the customer service would be an understatement. To start with, if you are relying on this app to sync with your health devices so that you don't have to check the program on a daily basis, you're in for trouble. I will admit that if you want to use this app to MANUALLY track fitness activities, it is adequate. But, if you want tracking automated, you will be disappointed. Be warned that EVERY time this app is updated (or, for that matter, Apple health, or Apple Watch, or nearly ANY sync'ed device), you will lose the sync capabilities until you manually reset the capability. In the meantime, you lose all data. (Not only will you lose data, the device will NOT allow you to enter past days' lost data manually or through sync). The worst part is that the app DOES NOT SELF-CHECK, so you get NO WARNING. Those days are gone. Why is this important? If you're like me, you use this product through a work fitness program. This shoddy app that does not warn me that it cannot sync has actually cost me bonus payments. Yep, I lost money because I relied on the capabilities advertised (the fact that it syncs). Needless to say, failure of the app to live up to its promises has cost me. So, beware if you use this app. I highly recommend you don't rely on the app for anything other than manual entry of fitness activity. As for the customer service: When I called the first time I had syncing issues I was made to feel like an idiot. The attitude of customer service is that you are interrupting their day, and you, the customer, need to figure this all out on your own. The service was so bad and insulting that I am loathe to call back. If you have to use this app because your company has contracted with them, use manually entry. If you are browsing for an app to track fitness goals, look elsewhere, you'll be a lot happier.


Keeps crashing. I can't open the app and my steps aren't syncing!

Keeps crashing

Loved it for the one day it worked. Keeps crashing every time I attempt to open it for the past 6 days.

Doesn't sync with iPhone

Very difficult to navigate. Does not sync correctly. My employer picked the app and I wish they'd investigated better. This is a dog.

Keeps crashing

I got this app as part of a work incentive to stay active. It works for one day then crashes and I have to delete and reload. It would be nice if it actually worked.

Good idea, but....

I can't use this. I used it the first day and then it kept shutting down after. So I deleted and re-downloaded the app and it worked for the first day, then kept shutting down. Please fix this!!

Keeps crashing

This was working fine until I got an Apple Watch and and using it as my fitness app, now its crashing every time I open it!

Closes immediately on iOS 10 6s Plus

I like this app, or used to. It doesn't seem compatible with iOS 10 on my 6s Plus. When starting up, I see the splash screen then it goes to background mode. Nothing I do will bring it forward to where I can use it.

Crashes with iOS 10

Still crashes with iOS 10 randomly or when trying to sync with Apple Health App

Still crashing

The app still crashes when trying to sync apple health.

Crap App

The developers for this app are clearly not capable of creating a stable, up to date app. 1. Not optimized for larger iPhones (that are now into their third year of existence). 2. Crashes constantly. 3. Doesn't always connect the first time with third party services. I only am using this to get rewards from my employer. If your not in that boat, don't waster your time here!

Crashes on my iPhone 7

As soon as I click 'Sync' in Apple Health, it crashes.

Does nothing

I downloaded this app because it was on a list and I though I would earn rewards for my work. 5 months later I still hadn't earned anything despite have "an active of very active day" almost everyday. I looked at the reviews to see this is not longer available. So basically you earn points for what? I have a Fitbit, I don't need and app to tell me I am being active. I will be deleting it as there is really nothing to even do with it.

Kind if pointless

This used to be a pretty good app. The fitness tracking was handy, but the best part was using your fitness activities for rewards such as discounts on equipment or charitable donations. When that all went away it became much less motivating. If they brought that back this app could be good again.

No rewards??

The whole point of this app was to work toward rewards for me. It was helping me make the extra effort. It's traded function for form. Oops.

App is Crap

I wish apps would do as they claim. I can't (for the life of me ) get this app to sync my steps from either my Apple health app or Myfitness app. Integration is lacking.

Can't log into the App

Not sure what they have done but it has stopped working. But then, the app has gotten worse since I had it a few years ago. Time to say goodbye!

Can't login via the app - web is OK

Can sign in the the website just fine. The app won't take my credentials. That makes it pretty much useless for me.

Cannot log in

I loved this app until it crashed and now cannot log in. So totally useless

Sing in area

Can't log in anymore even if you put the username name and password still in the sing in area -.-

Don't understand

Sorry- what's the point of this app? I don't get it.

Good integrations, terrible UI

The app still doesn't support screen sizes over the iPhone 5. Lots of weird visual glitches. The main feed is just weird and never updates properly, it seems. I can't see my points on my profile. It has integrated with almost everything I'd want to and seems to properly handle duplicate activities from two sources.


Great app that helps with motivation. Finally figured out how to automatically track all of my activities.

Ratings are worthless.....

App allows cheating way to easily making it worthless.

Won't let me add friends

Nice idea, but falls apart when you can't add friends.

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